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Sell your construction machinery in South Africa


    Why sell your construction machinery in South Africa with Got Plant?

    You may currently have an office or shop, which oversees all your business operations and the distribution of your construction machinery to customers. However if you are wanting to find ways to increase your sales quicker, reduce your advertising costs and increase profit margins for your business, Got Plant website is an effective way forward for you we want to give you more information in this article in how you can sell your construction machinery online and not pay a fortune.

    The Internet is a powerful platform providing a broad awareness of websites. There are thousands of people searching the internet everyday, looking for plant/ construction machinery for hire and for sale and even construction services. Got Plant’s growth is increasing and we have over 6400 plant brokers and construction companies making use of our website every day. So what are the key benefits that Got Plant can offer your business in the overall buying /selling or Hiring your plant/ construction machinery online?

    1) Faster advertising set-up:  a 1-2-3 Approach and your done! 

    The whole sales system for your construction machinery available for sale or hire is automated online. You will therefore save on various printing costs and other advertising costs which ask you an arm and a leg to advertise. Got Plant will also help you expand your plant/ construction machinery sales by advertising on other platforms and also by assisting you in finding the right people to hire your construction machinery.

    2) The construction machinery that you want to sell can be listed from anywhere in South Africa.

    Got Plant reduces any geographical restrictions you would normally face. You can be anywhere around the country and still successfully advertise your plant/ construction machinery.

    3) More measurable than other Construction machinery advertising websites.

    You may be thinking how do I know it will be successful listing your plant/ construction machinery with Got Plant, how will I measure the results? Got Plant is in fact extremely measurable and is track-able through systems such as Google Analytics and wordpress. We can offer you a view on your plant/ construction machinery sales statistics including how many enquiries are processed through your advertising.

    Advertising with Got Plant is if I have to put it in perspective with our competition costs is very affordable.


    The Got Plant Team.


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